COMM in Common: Roxanne Simonnet

roxanne simonnetIn a world where jobs are requiring you to do a little bit of everything, Roxanne Simonnet is doing it all!  After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay COMM Program in 2017 with an emphasis in Public Relations, Simonnet set out to find her own lane.

Enjoying her current role with Envano Interactive Business, Roxanne’s writes advertising copy and blog posts, researches new business opportunities and makes search engine optimization recommendations.  She is not alone, however; she’s on with a wonderful team who works together to conquer the digital landscape.

DON’T Sweat the Small Stuff
Looking back on her UWGB career, there’s only one thing she would change about her experience.  “After you graduate, you look back and realize some of the things you lost sleep over weren’t that important in the grand scheme of things. Don’t sweat the small stuff,” She said.  (That statement could probably be applied to a LOT of current UWGB students!)

The UWGB Communication program taught Simonnet multiple important skills and provided many useful experiences, but there was one that stood out above the rest.  “The most important thing I learned from the Communication Department is how to think strategically. Out of everything I learned, that is the one skill I use almost daily in my professional life.”

Paving Her Own Lane
Like most ‘GB COMM students, Simonnet wants to continuously improve and expand her career.  “My professional goals include combining the Public Relations skills I developed through my education with the marketing and advertising experience I am gaining in my current role.   Then, find my own lane and build a successful career.”

Simonnet is one of many UWGB COMM grads to go out and impress employers with a strong work ethic and their strategic thinking, and who will continue to leave a mark on the digital world.

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