Green Bay Packers Pick Phoenix Phenom


Green Bay Draft Strategy = The Best Player Available

The world – as Wes knew it – ended: The customs, social activities and sleep schedule he was accustomed to are now ALL gone.

In 2010, Wes Hodkiewicz graduated from his old world and entered an entirely new realm. Although he occasionally feels lost he can’t keep from feeling confident. After all, he has a degree in Communication from UWGB.

Working as a lowly intern at the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Wes aspired to write about sports. Pursuing his dream, he became a Sports Clerk at the Press-Gazette and held that title for 3 years while attending school. Wes was on a mission and in 2009, his hard work paid off as he was promoted to Sports Writing.

Wes graduated from UWGB in 2010 and earned a promotion at the Press-Gazette – but he was promoted to a General Assignments Writer. However, he refused to let his sports-writing dream die.  With hard work and dedication, Wes was promoted to a staff writer for the Green Bay Packers’ website; a dream job for any aspiring sports writer living in Green Bay. Although Wes started his career in Journalism, he quickly transitioned to Public Relations writing with

“I write a LOT of player profiles,” he laughed. “I also write day-to-day Packers news, press conferences, locker room hours and Insider Box– a Q&A section for fans.”


Hodkiewicz in action. WAIT:  He’s in McCarthy’s Chair?

Wes’ advice for Comm students is to, “go after what you want – and to never lose the rush of breaking news stories.”

The Wes Hodkiewicz Story has a lesson for current and incoming students at UWGB: Hard work, commitment and the course work at UWGB has paid off.  Wes has gotten to where he is because of his dedication, and he believes every COMM student at UWGB has an opportunity to be as successful. Seize your dreams!

Dilly Dilly includes: Micah Kulpinski, Justis Tenpenny, Sidney McClain and Lindsay Bries.

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  1. thecommvoice says:

    Great Story

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    This Headline made me very confused and intrigued all at once.

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