Krash the Kress

By Byron Garcia, Jaeden Langenberg & Hailey Oskey


Since last year, Krash the Kress returned to the Kress Events Center on December 10th.

Krash the Kress has been the University of Wisconsin- Green Bay (UWGB) homecoming event. Krash the Kress started in 2018. Before 2018, UWGB had a similar event at the Resch Center called Rock the Resch. After Rock the Resch in 2017, UWGB moved everything back to the campus. Current students and alumni come together to cheer on UWGB’s basketball teams. It is a free event for students where the women’s basketball team took on the North Dakota State Bison in a game in the morning. The students in attendance were able to enjoy a tailgate, followed by a men’s basketball game at the Resch Center, where the men’s team unveiled their new all-black jerseys against Kansas City. With the tailgate, there is food, fun games, and entertainment, along with a free shirt.

Students sitting in the Dick Bennett gymnasium enjoying the free tailgate just before the tip-off of the Women’s Basketball game.

UWGB students enjoyed the idea and shared their memories. One student commented, “It was cool seeing our classmates and supporters come out. It’s great seeing the stands getting full. Krash the Kress is a great time to show school pride.” Tanner Fugina, a fourth-year student, commented. “Watching the game and participating in the timeout games just add to the atmosphere!”

Fourth-year student Tanner Fugina taking part in the Festival Food’s Chicken Launch during a timeout of the Women’s Basketball game.

Krash the Kress didn’t have as many people as in years past, but for the first time having it since the beginning of COVID-19, a high turnout is expected. Sean Stelter, the Head manager at the Kress Events Center on campus, explained that their projections were hard to create since this was the first year without COVID-19 protocol. “Our initial projection for the game itself was about 1,100 in attendance that including student and non-student fans. Our actual number for the entire event was about 1,470, which is a little more than we expected, but we love to see more than we expected than less.”

Students had the opportunity to participate in activities during the timeouts and halftime of the game. Byron Garcia (on the right) emceed all the activities and sponsorships.

As for the tailgate and other fun perks, Chartwells employees, as well as workers from University Union offices such as Student Engagement Center and MESA, were in charge of organizing and checking people in. With one swipe of an i.d., students were able to enjoy tailgate food such as brats, sliders, salads, cookies, chips, and brownies. Cornhole and a few other backyard games were all set up in the Dick Bennett gymnasium, and before entering the main court where the game was taking place, students could find their very own “Krash the Kress” green t-shirts.

These were the complimentary t-shirts that all students were given if they swiped into the free tailgate.

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