UWGB Intramural Sports Contribute to a Great College Experience, register in time for block 2

By Hope Smith, Morgan Andrews, Matt Seger & Janie Hodny


University Recreation (UREC) is seeking students to join intramural for their second round of sign-ups.


Intramural sports are free for all UWGB (The University of Wisconsin – Green Bay) students and include teams, doubles, and singles leagues. Block 1 of intramurals started the week of September 19 and will end the week of October 17. Block 2 of intramurals will begin in November; sign-ups open on October 18. Molly Grabarec, a UREC supervisor and a student at UWGB, says, “This block of intramurals will include sports like 5v5 basketball, indoor flag football, pickleball, wiffle ball, and more!”

UREC Signage

Intramurals are extracurricular activities offered right on campus at the Kress Events Center. They are the most casual and affordable way to join organized athletics. Team leagues include basketball, volleyball, soccer, flag football, trench ball, wiffleball, kickball, and softball. Singles/doubles leagues include bag toss, badminton, tennis, and table tennis. Special events and tournaments may be subject to an extra cost. These events include sandblasting, cornhole, canoe battleship, and a softball tournament.

Byron Garcia, an intramural participant and a senior at UWGB, says, “Intramurals are a great way to meet new people and stay active. They help students to try new things and get involved on campus.” Garcia plays sand and indoor volleyball. He is interested in participating in pickleball next block.

Students experience many benefits: getting involved on campus, meeting new friends, and staying in shape. Since the end of block 1 is nearing, now is the right time to think about signing up for intramurals for the start of block 2. Trevor Wisse, another UREC supervisor, states, “Students should join intramurals because it is a way to get involved and play with your friends and meet new people. It gives you the ability to learn new sports and compete in a fun environment.” Grabarec mentioned, “A recent study on campus has actually proven that students who often go to the Kress and join intramurals report having higher GPAs.”

Intramural basketball game on October 5

Jaeden Langenberg, a UREC Basketball champion, recalls, “My intramural basketball team, The Last Dance, won the Spring 2022 “A League” Intramural Basketball Tournament. Our team’s name was in the symbolism of Michael B. Jordan’s documentary, The Last Dance. Reflecting as a senior, intramurals were a huge part of my college experience. My friends and I always looked forward to our basketball games.”

Wisse explained how easy it is to sign up for intramurals:

“Go to urec.uwgb.edu and select Intramurals. A pop-up should appear, asking you to sign in. Click UWGB Students/Staff Credentials. Sign in with your UWGB account. It may redirect you to IMleagues. If it does not, scroll down and click on Intramurals. It will bring you to your account on IMleagues. Then click on the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay at the top of the page. It will bring you to the home page with a list of sports you can click on to choose a sport. You can also use the UWGB UREC App. Follow the same process by clicking on Intramurals.”

Students will register as a team or free agent using the IMLeagues link below. They will log in with their UWGB email and password (it will redirect them to the portal).


Wisse also mentioned, “Another way to always know what is going on at the Kress, in general, is to follow @urec_uwgb on Instagram, where you can stay up to date.”

UREC Intramurals is a way for student engagement for both athletes and casual enjoyers of sports. The program is open to all students with no requirements. Feel free to sign up for block 2, which starts in November, with sign-ups starting on October 18. Log on to uwgb.edu and search Intramurals to sign up on IMleagues!

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