The Voice of an Angel

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Hitting the High Notes: Emily Ahrens (left) with Guin Casper

The silence of a normally still apartment was broken by a voice.

The voice was growing stronger, and stronger, and continued up in octaves until it reached its final, sweeping note. I held my applause as I stared at my bedroom door in shock. Was this an angel? Was I hallucinating? Did a real-life Disney princess appear in the peasant slums of Pamperin Hall?

As I opened my bedroom door I finally realized it wasn’t an angel or a princess; it was my roommate Guin. Guinevere Casper is a musical theatre student – recently starring as Paulette in Legally Blonde: The Musical here on campus. For her work in the musical, she received an Irene Ryan Nomination for the 2018 Region III American College Theatre Festival meaning she gets to compete against hundreds of other college actors and actresses for a chance to win a scholarship and advance to Nationals.

Things are just beginning to pick up for this budding talent. Soon enough, we may see her as a Broadway star after she graduates.

Also planning to graduate in May, Vanessa Wegher is a COMM Major with emphases in Journalism and Public Relations.

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2 Comments to “The Voice of an Angel”

  1. Ben says:

    Guin is great! Hands down one of the best voices I’ve ever heard!

  2. Vanessa says:

    If anyone is interested in Guin or Emily Ahrens (pictured above), they are both in the play Silent Sky on campus this April! Go support these amazingly talented humans!!

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