Benefits of Reading

Reading is something people learn at a young age and use throughout their lives, yet it carries a stigma around it. Many people find the act of reading a tedious activity, and in recent years, adults have struggled to comprehend or focus on literature. 

Suicide Loss Survivor Awareness Day

Suicide has been a major issue throughout the globe for decades, but as of recently, the numbers continue to rise. In 2021, there were 1.70 million suicide attempts, which is 14.04 per 100,000 people. While many try to solve the issue of suicide and fight for increased awareness and a cure, numbers continue to rise, and the stigmas surrounding mental health remain. A topic not often recognized of suicide is those who remain after their loved ones succumb to mental illness. November 18th, 2023, is International Suicide Loss Survivor Awareness Day (SLSAD), a day dedicated to those who are left behind by suicide. 

Best Study Spots in the Green Bay Area

Green Bay is famous not only for its football but also for its many educational institutions, including the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, Saint Norbert College, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Bellin College, and even more. The plethora of colleges and universities in the area also means there are hundreds of dedicated students looking for somewhere to study or cram for their next big exam. With many small businesses spread out throughout the city, college students have lots of options. Some of the most popular locations include Kavarna Coffee House, Daily Buzz, and The Exchange.

Door County Fish Companies Join a New Fish Pledge Program

Fishing has been a big part of Wisconsin’s shoreline economy and personality for as long as man has lived on its shores.  From the Native Americans and First Nations peoples to the early settlers to today’s fishermen.  Fishing provides food as well as jobs and other materials for the local and national economy and commerce. But there is a problem when only the meat is harvested, and the rest goes to waste. This is a problem: a new pledge signed by three fishing companies in Door County looks to end.