NO lie: The Communication Program at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay may be the most prestigious program in the state – maybe even in the world, too.

Prestigious because of its: 1.) renowned leadership; 2.) comprehensive curriculum and; 3.) the real-world experience of a broadly-diverse, totally-connected, award-winning faculty and staff.

To showcase the program, Communication Week was created to recognize and celebrate the past, present and future of the department – and its students. Last year, Comm One/Comm All attracted 180 business leaders, alumni, students, faculty – and prospective students.  You’re invited this year.

Comm Week features a variety of events to showcase its talents including: 1.)  What the Communication department is – and isn’t; 2.) Networking 101; 3.) a preview of Capstone Courses, 4.) Social Media Workshops;  5.) alumni panels;  6.) competition for current students to show off their work and finally, 7.) a banquet to celebrate the week.

While the first Comm Week was a success, the hard part is doing it again. Department Chair Phil Clampitt has put together a hard-working team of Comm Majors who are building on last year’s success, and setting the stage for continuous improvement in every Comm Week to come.

You’re invited: ALL Majors, Minors and Undecideds welcome; festivities begin February 5.  Comm Week is a great opportunity for learning – and making new connections. Visit website for more information:

Hoping to help build on last year’s success, COMM major Amanda Leick will be one of the many Comm Week participants with a vested interest in the success of the Comm program. Amanda will graduate in May with a double major in Communication and an emphasis in Public Relations and Human Development.


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  2. Carli Smits says:

    This is a great snippet of the Com program at UWGB. I am so lucky to be part of this program and to work towards a goal with others in the program. Com week is a good way to network with your peers and alumni outside of the classroom setting. Heard nothing but good things about it from last year!

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