Hot Ones Parody: An Informative Story on Joseph Yoo and Justin Kavlie

By Byron Garcia, Jaeden Langenberg & Hailey Oskey


The University of Wisconsin Green Bay is home to so many different people. Today two communication professors, Joseph Yoo and Justin Kavlie, are going into a little bit more detail on how they ended up at UWGB and everything that led up to eating chicken wings with hot sauce that progressively gets spicier every time a new question is asked.


Joseph Yoo is a communication professor at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. However, the journey that Yoo has gone on to get to where he is day to day is one of a kind. Throughout the discussion that took place during the interview, there was so much more than what most might have expected. The conversations start with Yoo explaining his time in South Korea and how he ended up at the University of Texas, where he got his Ph.D. As the line of questioning proceeded to get hotter and hotter, Yoo explained his passion for sports and the love that he has for his job. 


Justin Kavlie is also a communication professor at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. Kavlie headed into the interview with no fear at all for the intimidating lineup of hot sauces and explained his love for spicy food. Kavlie, similar to Yoo, has had quite a unique journey up to becoming a professor at UWGB. Kavlie started his journey in North Carolina but ended up going to North Dakota, where he was a professor. Kavlie provides some insight into certain terminology and slogans that only North Carolina residents might know. 


Throughout the interview, Jaeden Langenberg, the host of the show/interview, introduced a segment called to explain that gram. Pictures that were on the social media of each professor’s media were used during the segment. A picture of Yoo on an electric scooter was used. Yoo explained in more detail how the picture was meant to show that he was having fun and being youthful. The picture of Kavlie that was used was one of him that was previously used as his Facebook profile picture. The picture was Kavlie, and the German flag was painted on his face. His explanation for the picture was that it was in support of the world cup and soccer. Overall this segment proved to have been a hit with the live audience that was present at the time and resulting in grins and laughter from all.


Paying tribute to this wonderful semester and year, as this is HBJ’s final news article that will ever be produced. Thank you to all who have followed us on this journey. It has been a blessing to be able to provide news to this community for the time that we have been able to do so. Happy Holiday and have a great New Year. Hot Ones Interview 

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