Radio GBX

By Morgan Andrews, Alison Giblin, Lauren Knisbeck & Sarah Hart


Radio GBX is up and running for the Spring 2023 semester at The University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. Radio GBX offers students hands-on experience with brand-new radio equipment and opportunities to produce original content. The station plays 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online on Live365’s website.

The GBX studio in the New Media Center at The University of Wisconsin -Green Bay. Students are able to start working in the GBX station. Photo provided by Morgan Andrews

Professor Byran Carr oversees the students who run Radio GBX in his Radio Broadcasting class. Carr explained that in the past, the campus radio stations had been student-run organizations, but that this time around, the structure will be based on the class curriculum to help with the consistency of the station. While right now, the radio station prioritizes students enrolled in the broadcast class. After spring break, the station will open up to those who have taken the class in the past and then the rest of campus. “Any student from any program on campus at any level can apply to be part of the station and can get on the air after completing training starting later in Fall,” Carr said.

The station plans to hire an executive board as well, with the positions being offered to those currently enrolled in Radio Broadcasting and those who plan to take it in the fall. “That board will consist of students who take on significant operational responsibilities, ranging from production to promotions to program direction to music acquisition and curation to news,” Carr said.

A close-up of the equipment and microphones that make up Radio GBX. Photo provided by Morgan Andrews

“College radio is one of the most unique and powerful forms of campus life and activity there is, and my goal is for students to really see the value and empowerment that comes with having a platform to amplify their voice and interests,” Carr said. Radio GBX prides itself on being a unique outlet for students while maintaining a sound that’s one of a kind. “Our format is basically alternative/college radio; we have an eclectic mix of songs from a variety of genres and artists. You’re going to hear music here you won’t hear anywhere else – and music that you’ll hear everywhere soon, too, but you’re going to hear it first on Radio GBX,” Carr said. Some genres include hip-hop, rock, pop, bluegrass, and dance music.

University of Wisconsin – Green Bay recording sign lights up to show the Radio GBX is on the air. Photo provided by Alison Giblin

The station also features something called “specialty shows,” during which students host shows on a variety of topics. Some examples include in-depth talks and radio dramas. Carr’s main goal for students is to feel like they have creative freedom and expression. Carr said, “I want students to really feel a sense of ownership and pride in the station that will help us make Radio GBX the best college radio station in the state.”

University of Wisconsin – Green Bay Radio GBX Logo. Photo provided by Radio GBX UW-Green Bay

Jordon Lawrenz, a senior majoring in communication and in the Radio Broadcasting class with Bryan Carr, has two shows with Radio GBX. The two shows he hosts are: “The Golden Hour,” which is every Friday from 1:00-3:00 pm with Janie Hodny. In “The Golden Hour,” Hodny and Lawrenz talk about movies and pop culture. The other show is hosted every Monday from 7:00-9:00 pm with Greg Bintz, and they talk about all things sports. Lawrenz says, “I wish I didn’t graduate in May because Radio GBX is continuing to grow! Professor Carr is offering a few positions specific to the radio station, and it would’ve been very beneficial to have that extra experience coming out of college.”

Jordan Lawrenz, a Communication major at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, hosts two shows at Radio GBX. Photo provided by Jordon Lawrenz

Sam Daggett, a senior majoring in communication, also works for Radio GBX. Sam has a show called “Beats and Rants,” which focuses on little rants about pet peeves, little stories of frustrating things, and even celebrity gossip. Daggett says, “I have had a great experience being on the radio and learning how to do everything. I’m really happy that I have had the chance to do a show on Radio GBX because it is a lot more fun than I thought it would be.”

Inside the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay Radio GBX recording studio, close-up of recording equipment and software. Photo provided by Morgan Andrews

Students who are interested in learning more about the radio station or looking to apply can visit the Radio GBX website and send an email through the contact form.


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