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The Communication program at University of Wisconsin Green Bay is giving students another reason to apply. Currently, the program offers five emphases: Public Relations, Mass Media, Organizational Communication, Health Communication and Journalism. While these cover a broad range of professions, there is always room for continuous improvement. Enter two, shiny, new emphases: Social Media and Sports Communication! Both bring fresh perspectives and new teaching on two hot topics.

Department Chair Phil Clampitt said four Communication professors are working together to bring these new tracks to fruition: Professor Phil Clampitt and Professor Bryan Carr are closely involved in the development of both emphases with Professor Danielle Bina focusing on Sports Communication and Professor Katie Turkiewicz working on the Social Media track. The goal is to have both ready to roll next Fall. If you are currently a junior in the Communication program, there is a good chance you will be able to enroll.

An Exceptionally Confident Champion

Professor Clampitt is not 100% sure his team will make their aggressive, self-imposed deadlines, but he is exceptionally confident given the issues he needs to champion. “We need additional staff, production facilities and new equipment,” he said. “We need to equip our students so they’re fully prepared to enter the workforce.”

It would be an understatement to say that these new emphases have piqued the interest of students at UWGB. Many Communication majors have shown excitement at the potential of adding a Social Media and Sports Communication track. “There’s an identified interest in Sports Communication,” Clampitt added. “Many former students are working in the sports field. In addition, there’s a quickly-growing need for social media production and management in both the public and private sector.” If these emphases are added, Clampitt predicts more than 50 new students would declare as COMM majors.

It’s now up to the Communication department team to implement the exciting additions for the benefit of the students, the program and the university. Keep your eyes peeled in the months to come for more updates regarding the new emphases!

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