5 Quick Steps to Keep it Organized

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Organization is one key to be a successful college student – especially as a COMM major or minor. With many deadlines and group projects to worry about, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed.

Five, easy organizational tips will help you develop positive habits for keeping it organized in college – and beyond.

                  Keeping it SIMPLE

    • Choose how you want to organize and stick with it.
    • Be concise. Try your best to keep it on point.
    • If your organizational system works for you, stick with it; if not, re-evaluate – but try not to overcomplicate it. Keeping it TIDY
    • Organize your workplace and organize your life, too.
    • If your workspace is cluttered, your brain will be too.
    • Learn about the Life Changing Magic of Tidying UpKeeping it COLORFUL
    • Make things stand out with colors, boxes, or pictures.
    • Make visual connections: put like items together, draw arrows, underline.
    • Color code your calendar; organize by your different priorities: School, work, personal, bills, etc. Keeping it WRITTEN
    • You are more likely to forget if you do not write things down: Use sticky notes, a planner, phone or computer.
    • The easier it is to understand, the easier your life will be.
    • Create a key and use symbols to guide your planner and thinking.
    • Write down dates and times for work, exams and presentations. Keeping it ACCESSIBLE.
    • Know where and how to access your calendar, agenda or list.
    • Try not to overdo it with your organizational tools; less is more.
    • Keep everything in one place; don’t use too many online calendar applications.Organization isn’t only important for your academic life, it can also greatly benefit your personal life. The implementation of certain organizational tactics can improve your mental health by helping reduce some stress and frustration that is likely to develop when balancing so much work at once.For more information about staying organized and the correlation between organization and mental health, read this article. It’s very good.Follow The Wicked & Winey series: Maintaining Mental Happiness on
      .Wicked and Winey is not a group of doctors, but rather communication students with an interest in healthy living. Our articles are not medical advice, but suggestions based upon our personal experience and research:Morgan Davis. Vanessa Wegher. Maggie Pietrowski. Alex Styczynski. Veronica Plummer.




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