5 Stress Relieving Ideas


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You’ve been at your computer for two-and-a-half hours and have three words typed: You may be stressed. Whether it’s day-to-day assignments, large group projects, or even a simple essay, college is stressful. We offer five, proven, stress-relieving suggestions:

  1. Get a Snack; Free Ones are Best!

Whether you have granola bars stashed in your junk drawer, chips near your bed, or have to go out and get one, a snack is good for you. A stroll through the Union can provide a sufficient amount of cheap snacks; some, for free! Students who get away for a half hour snack run can actually come back refreshed, enthusiastic and with a healthier mentality.

Always check your email; you’ll be surprised how much free food there is on campus (for your stress-relieving needs).

  1. Watch a little TV.

One favorite way to relieve stress is sitting down and enjoying some TV. Reality TV, scripted TV, Netflix… there are many options. You can watch in the coffee shop by yourself, or in the Phoenix Club with friends. Watch a Packer game in your livingroom with a bowl of popcorn, or an old-school VHS.

Being able to escape into a fantasy and focus on something else – even for a half an hour – is a good way to relieve stress.

  1. Take a Walk, Pal…

We have extensive trails to experience different wildlife, scenic points and of course, the largest freshwater estuary in the world! UWGB is considered the most scenic campus in Wisconsin with beautiful, diverse views in every semester; perfect for year-round walks.

Next time you’re stressing out, walking our beautiful campus is a great, free option – it’s included in your tuition.

  1. A Massage Sends a Message to Your Bod

A good massage not only lowers stress levels, but is great for your overall health. A 60-minute massage lowers your blood pressure, heart rate and equals 7-to-8 hours of sleep. Just think of all the sleep you could catch up on with a massage or two!

Massages are available on campus throughout the semester. Next time you get an email for a massage on campus, take full advantage of the opportunity.

  1. Find Your Chill; it’s like a Pill

This may seem obvious, but a great way to relieve stress is to find your chill. This could be stereotypical “college” activities such as: Watching sports with friends on TV, or live on campus with our wonderful Green Bay Phoenix squads.

It could be a video game or, getting physical with a workout at the Kress. A pickup basketball, volleyball match, or even a round of golf at Shorewood are just a few examples. There are plenty more on campus, but the point is:  Find Your Chill.

Whatever your Go-To may be, remember stress is a natural phenomenon. Everyone – especially college students – experiences stress! Our Top Five Relievers are just a few, simple ways you can access and take advantage whenever you feel stressed out.

Another great resource is the Health and Counseling Center. They are always welcoming and willing to provide their expertise to guide you on your way.

Location: Student Services 1400
Hours: Monday-Friday: 7:45-4:30
Phone: 920-465-2380

Email: counshealth@uwgb.edu
The Spotlight Team includes: Bailey Schmid, Travis Krueger , Eric Fischer, Dennis DeBeck and Ashley Keenan


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