Brewed For You

Many students expressed surprise at what appeared to be a sudden switch to Starbucks, but it wasn’t an impulsive change; student input was a driving force in this decision.

Throughout last year, Dining Service conducted surveys and focus groups concerning dining options affecting UW-Green Bay students and faculty. In the focus groups and surveys, one thing became clear; students wanted a national brand for a bigger campus feel.

The dining service team excitedly gave the students what they asked for when the coffee shop announced their rebranding as “We proudly serve Starbucks” on August 23rd.They planted the seeds early spring and preparations ran through the summer.

Dining Services Director Joe Hanrahan and Marketing Director Daniele Frechette wanted to wait on any announcements until they completed the transition.

Daniele and Joe will be around campus all month looking for feedback.

Previously some students expressed nostalgia about featured beverages such as the Campus Chiller, Milky Way Lattes and the Romeo & Juliet. Well, be prepared to experience Deja vu because featured beverages are set to return in the Spring Semester. The only reason they have been excluded from the current menu is so baristas can focus on perfecting the basic Starbucks menu.

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