New Club on Campus Brings Women Together

By Alison GiblinSarah Hart , Lauren KnisbeckMorgan Andrews

Delight Ministry is a new club on campus since Fall 2022 at The University Wisconsin – Green Bay. The club focuses on bringing women together to worship and grow within their faith. Delight Ministry is a place for all women to join a Christ-centered community and make long-lasting friendships.

The Delight Ministry members and leaders at the first Delight meeting of the Spring 2023 semester. Photo taken from Lindsey Kaat.

The club meets every Tuesday at 6:00 pm in the World Unity B room on the UWGB campus. The meetings include a large group discussion on the bible study of the week, a praying circle, worship to music, and a journal session. The club also hosts worship nights, prayer tables, and fun events like tote bag paintings, game nights, and service events. Five leaders run the Delight Ministry. The leaders are Lindsey Kaat, the social media coordinator; Hannah Schnellthe, the book coordinator; Allie Willmas, the team director; Miranda Vince, the community event coordinator and delight date coordinator; and Renae Vandenplas, the worship leader.

Tote painting night with Delight Ministry. This event was open to all women on the UWGB campus to paint a tote bag. Photo taken from Lindsey Kaat.

Allie Willmas, a junior at UWGB and team director for Delight Ministries, says that she felt compelled to create the club in February of last year. Willmas said that the need for a community was the driving force behind her decision to start the club. She says that while the process was lengthy, it was definitely worth it. “I had to complete a whole eight-week course through Delight Ministries with a step-by-step process to complete in order to make sure all the necessary parts were in place,” Willmas said. She attributes the development of the successful leadership team and club to guidance from God.

Team director of Delight Ministry at UWGB, Allie Willmas. Allie started working on the club in the spring semester of 2022 and helped kick it off in the fall. Photo taken from Allie WIlmas’s Instagram.

Willmas says that the club means the world to her and that it is a welcoming environment for any woman at UWGB looking to find and worship Jesus. “I truly believe that Jesus wants every girl at UWGB to be a part of Delight,” she said. Even if participants are on the fence about attending club meetings, Willmas stressed they could come to one meeting just to try it out. The club currently has around 30 members that meet weekly. Willmas says that the club meetings are her favorite part of the week. “I have this unexplainable passion for Delight, and I know this is only the beginning of how the Lord wants to use Delight at UWGB.”

The five leaders of the Delight Ministry pictured at the first meeting of the Spring 2023 semester. Picture from Lindsey Kaat.

Ali Quatsoe, a junior at UWGB, says the environment of Delight Ministries feels overwhelmingly positive and passionate. “This club is filled with a group of women who believe in Jesus and come together for an hour each week to grow in their relationships. They are all very kindhearted and open to new opportunities to grow in friendship and faith,” Quatsoe says. “It’s been such an amazing place to form new connections. Some of these girls have become some of my best friends!” Quatsoe explains that members of the club have gone on coffee dates, gone to a MercyMe concert, held worship nights, and done many other fun activities together. According to Quatsoe, Delight Ministries is a valuable addition to UWGB. “The club brings a sense of community to the UWGB campus,” says Quatsoe. “The girls in Delight will always have each other’s backs and come together for the same purpose.”

The Delight members sitting in a circle to discuss the week’s bible study and participate in group prayer. Photo taken from Lindsey Kaat.

Miranda Vince has been one of the five leaders of the Delight Ministry club on the UWGB campus since Fall 2022. She enjoys it so much about Delight Ministries. Her top favorite things are the friendships and memories she has made so far. Vince says, “I have gotten to know so many girls from this group, and they come from all different places and stories and walks of life. I also really enjoy how much we laugh. We just are so real, raw, and just ourselves. It makes our community so much closer and more vulnerable, which is just awesome.” Her goal for the future of this club is to bring in as many girls as possible to create a bond while finding their faith. “My hope is that all the girls can grow friendships that last a lifetime and also find their path to Jesus.”

Delight leaders leading the members in worship during their weekly meeting. Photo taken from Lindsey Kaat.

Leading up to Easter, Delight Ministry hosted a Prayer table in the University Union on Monday, April 3rd, from 10:00 am- 4:00 pm. For those interested in joining or participating in the Delight Ministries club, contact Allie Willmas at or visit their Instagram page: Delight Ministries Instagram.

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