No Filter February

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You’ve all heard of No Shave November, but what about No Filter February? Instead of holding on to facial hair, we’re getting rid of makeup and filters in February.

Encouraged by both the CVS Beauty Mark and local sorority Kappa Beta Gamma’s No Makeup Day, the University of Green Bay is promoting natural beauty. The CVS Beauty Mark is a water mark placed on photos within CVS stores that have not been Photo shopped.

A Broadening Footprint
Kappa Beta Gamma initiated a No Makeup Day last semester after partnering with Feminist 4 Action and their National Love your Body Day. President of the sorority Tanya Niemi introduced this day to campus because she believes, “it’s a great way to exemplify women empowerment.” While Tanya and her sisters have broadened their footprint on campus, CVS is making an even broader indention nationwide.

CVS, a nationwide pharmacy chain, serves as the inspiration for No Filter February due to its newly introduced Beauty Mark. CVS has promised to not digitally alter “a person’s shape, size, proportion, skin or eye color or enhance or alter lines, wrinkles or other individual characteristics.”

Their promise was implemented in the beginning of 2018 and will be fully in effect at the end of 2020.

The Feel Good Aisle
CVS is working towards transparency in their products and advertising, as well as supporting their customers, “We want our beauty aisle to be a place where our customers can always come to feel good, while representing and celebrating the authenticity and diversity of the communities we serve.” CVS is looking to make an impact on women across the country hoping to enhance women’s confidence and embrace natural beauty everywhere. Kappa Beta Gamma is bringing that same authenticity to campus.

NOTE: CVS had a 5.3% increase in total revenue in their fourth quarter earnings. Coincidence?

The Beauty Markers include Markella Akladios, Maddie Byrnes, Kayla Niquette and Carli Smits. Here is additional Information for you.

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