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Being active doesn’t always mean going to the gym. When it comes to working out, there never seems to be enough time. However, there are many opportunities to integrate fitness into your daily life. If you pay attention to little things, there are plenty of easy ways to help improve your overall health.

If you are interested in finding a way to workout at home but do not know where to start, get creative. Go online and explore endless ideas from those who have been in the same place you are now.  Pinterest is an excellent first stop as it has tons of ideas for at home workouts, challenges and more. Find what you like and discover a routine that works for you.

Otherwise, fitness apps may be the way to guide your fitness routine. Available on Google Play and the Apple App Store possibilities include: Google Fit, 8fit (which offers meal planning and a personal trainer, too),  or 7 Minute Workout. But, if they do not have what you’re looking for, you can always think of your own plan to incorporate fitness into your life.

Think of ways you can add fitness to the activities you’re already doing. For instance: Take your favorite shows, and every time they say a certain phrase do ten sit-ups; take the stairs instead of the elevator; park farther away from your destination; take an extra lap around the mall while shopping; stand rather than sit at your desk. The ideas are endless. If you have any chance to get up and move, take it:  Move around to keep your body from tightening up; it also helps to keep you awake and attentive.

Be active, pay attention to the little things as they could make a big difference. Overall, be mindful of your body and its needs. In the end, your life and happiness matters; do what you think is best to improve and stay healthy.

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