Munch at the Mauthe


Dinner for Two has been a Mauthe Center tradition on campus every Tuesday evening from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Students can donate $2 and receive a home-cooked meal made by local community members. This means students can avoid spending money off-campus, as well as avoid spending money on campus catered foods. 

UWGB’s Mask Mandate Extended

With the effects of COVID-19 still prominent in campus life, the University of Wisconsin- Green Bay (UWGB) has decided to extend the campus-wide mask mandate to November 26th. It was made known to everyone returning to campus at the beginning of the semester that the mandate is required for anyone to enter a building. This brought forward a lot of different opinions, and many students and professors are not afraid to share their opinions on the mask mandate.

J-Term Enrollment is Open

Enrollment opened for the University of Wisconsin Green Bay (UWGB) January Interim on October 22, 2021. Currently, there are 60 classes offered. These courses are accelerated learning opportunities. Student Lexi Gall, Senior Lecturer Danielle Bina, and GBOSS Manager Kristi Koshuta share their insights on the winter semester.

Beyond Breath Meditation

In a world with an ongoing pandemic, school, work, and life, it can be a challenging time keeping your stress and anxiety at the level. Beyond Breath is where you can find time for free meditation. Meditation is a clever way to calm your body down when you are feeling stressed or even have anxiety.

Friends, Family, and Food at the Farmer’s Market

The Wednesday night farmer’s market on Washington Street was a summer hot spot in downtown Green Bay, and it’s wrapping up! How has the farmer’s market affected the vendors and attendees? Green Bay’s Wednesday Farmers Market greatly impacts its community, and the love for the farmer’s market is clear.

Morbid Curiosities and Historical Horror to be found at Neville Museum

The Neville Museum is getting spooky this month, featuring a late-night “morbid curiosity” exhibit focusing on the macabre, strange, and unexpected items that have been collected over the years. The event is open every Tuesday in October (12,19, 26), and tickets are $15 per non-museum member or $12 per member. The museum is located at 210 Museum Pl, in Green Bay.


Learning at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay goes beyond the walls of a classroom in forms that don’t contain typical lecture materials.

Anticipation of Graduation for UW- Green Bay Seniors

As another year at the University of Wisconsin- Green Bay continues, one of the most important parts looms for this year’s senior class: graduation and beyond. In times of not knowing what to do, it is always good to get some advice and help from those who have been through it already.