“Special” Ingredient in Brownies?

PRSSAbake.jpgby The Blue Moonz  | 248 Words

Gooey salted caramel brownies, moist chocolate chip cookies, chocolate-y peanut butter puppy chow – all with a special ingredient – were on sale at the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) Bake Sale. The semi annual sale at the Garden Café helped raise money for club activities, conferences and business field trips.

PRSSA President Dani Weber (photo right) said her organization helps members create professional resumes and compose great cover letters. Members also conduct mock job interviews in preparation for the “real world.”

Students join PRSSA because it is a great way to get involved on campus, and prepare for their future in the field. Members also have access to exclusive internships, scholarships, multiple networking opportunities – with both peers and professionals – plus job listings only available to members. PRSSA helps members build leadership skills, expand career opportunities and develop relationships with people in the profession.

Many families admit to adding “special” ingredients into their baked goods.  The PRSSA special ingredient is, “Family.”

“What makes us a family,” said PRSSA Vice President Rosie O’Shea, “is the opportunity to grow with each other over the years – in school and after graduation. No matter your major, PRSSA is a credible, practical, caring organization for everyone to lend their special ingredient.”

Join PRSSA: Contact Dani Weber at uwgbsoprssa.edu; follow them on Facebook.

The BlueMoonz include:  Rosie O’Shea, Alex Brandt, Amanda Leick and Erika Hesselink, Jacob Dekeyser and Danielle LaPorte.


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