How to Ball on a Budget


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As the snow is slowly melting away, college students everywhere have planned their escape to the warmth. Spring break is upon us, but many students will be trapped in the cold due to their lack of funds. For those of us who took the plunge and booked a vacation, here are some ways to Spring Break without breaking the bank:


  1. Take advantage of your student ID
  2. Travel with a group of friends or family
  3. Budget money carefully when going out
  4. Buy groceries
  5. Only carry cash

It’s important to plan ahead in order to save yourself from last minute fees. Once you’re there, you have what you bring with you. Something small you can take with that may save you a lot, is your student ID. Stores and tourist destinations know that college students love to Spring Break and offer discounts to those with identification. Your school ID might save you some dough on presents for the parents or drinks for you.

Spring break is a time to focus on you. Whether you want to spend your time relaxing or on self indulgence, you can make that time even better by going with a group of friends or family. Ensuring you have someone with you at all times makes for better times and better safety – not to mention that more people means more funds and ability to split the costs.

Creating a budget for your vacation may not sound like the most exciting way to spend your time, but doing so can save your wallet some heartbreak. By figuring out how much money you can spend each day, you will save yourself from a heart attack at the end of break. There will be some days that you might even be under budget, allowing yourself to splurge a little on the other days!

Going out is part of the fun on vacation, yet you don’t need to blow your budget on 12inch churros! No need to fast, either. A different way you can avoid eating out every night and draining your budget is by buying your own groceries and making your own food. This way you save money and have complete control over what you’re eating.

Making sure to only bring cash when you go out is the best way to manage your money correctly and not over spend. Don’t bring a credit card, period. At least debit cards have a limit, and so should you! You’re already on a budget, so don’t spend the money you don’t have. Always make the best decisions possible when it comes to something as important as money. Now that you know what you should be doing while on vacation, here is a list of things to avoid.


  1. Rent a car
  2. Trash the hotel
  3. Splurge everyday
  4. Rack up a huge bar tab
  5. Get sucked into tourist traps

When planning your vacation there are many things to stay away from. When looking for ways to commute, renting a car is a big No no. Utilize your sources and take advantage of the shuttles or Ubers. Most students do not meet the age requirements to rent a car at regular price. Although, it is possible for 21 – 24-year-olds to rent a car, but it is much pricier and not in the budget.

Another important tip is to make sure you do whatever it takes to not trash the hotel. Taking the easy steps to keep the room clean and in good condition is one of the easiest ways to save money at the end of your trip. Who wants to end up with a $100+ charge because the room is trashed? Don’t get too rowdy; it’s as simple as that.

A few of your days should be spent doing nothing but relaxing wherever your destination may be. Don’t feel as though you need to spend money every day partaking in activities that will cost you an arm and a leg. Chances are you will have just as much fun spending the day with your friends hanging out on the beach while not spending a dime.

BYOB (bring your own booze!)  Purchasing liquor ahead of time will be sure to save you money. Going to the clubs and spending $5-7 on drinks for you and your friends will not play a part in any budget friendly trip. It is very easy for the tab to pile to up without you knowing, whereas if you go to the store, you know exactly how much you’re spending.

Don’t get sucked into tourist traps. This means simply staying outside of the area of the most popular destinations. Chances are if you stay right at these destinations, you will be spending much more money. What’s the harm in jumping on the bus for 10 minutes to get where you want to be every day? You’ll end up thanking yourself in the end.

Why waste your vacation worrying about funds when you can be out in the sun? Put the shades on and leave the books behind. With all of these helpful hints, you can easily ball on a budget!

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