Summer’s Here? Already?

In Spring, some students are already planning their Summer! What better way to spend your summer than finding an internship, earning money and gaining real-world experience?

For many students, internships are exciting, challenging and worthwhile opportunities; for others, they’re just too complicated! Regardless, you have to find one first, and here are a few pointers to begin preparing.

Career Services is definitely the first stop you should make; they’re well connected – and here to help!

In addition, some students receive the weekly email updates of Internships from Handshake. Handshake provides students an easy to use search engine for internships and work opportunities year-round – both on and off campus – to find a variety of opportunities in Green Bay or back home.

Why Apply Now? Most employers begin their search as early. Starting your search and application process early allows employers additional time to analyze your application, and organize their candidate preferences and talents. As the old saying goes, “the early bird gets the worm,” so if you apply early, you may get access to better opportunities with key Summer positions.

What You Should Know? 3 tips to help you prepare, search and feel more confident.
1. Know your schedule: Organizing your priorities and other obligations for the Summer will allow you to have dates prepared for interviews and will help with searching internships – especially when asking for specific hours; 2. Look for Internships relative to your studies: These positions will provide the most valuable hands-on experience for the long-run; 3. Internships are a fun and educational, but they exist to give students an inside look at their future career and perhaps, life itself.

Eyes wide open, Bailey Schmid is a COMM Major constantly on the lookout for a great summer internship in the communication field. He’s one of those “early birds” who is beginning the process NOW!

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