WANTED: Experienced Grads???

By Blue Moonz | Word Count 263

What does a new college grad do when they see this as a job requirement? “Entry-level position; five years experience required.”

Frustration, anxiety and doubt consume them. Most college students know that getting hands-on experience while a full time student is not an easy task. It’s no joke that employers are looking for experienced graduates who can succeed in their company, but they’re also looking for people who can work in a group setting, with leadership qualities and time management skills.

Still, many recent graduates ask: “How am I supposed to have five years’ experience after spending four years working myself to the bone as a student?”  Well, there is a great and easy way to gain experience and other valuable skills:  Become a collaborative team worker and obtain leadership qualities by stepping up and volunteering.

Volunteering works, and opportunities are available to nearly every student at UWGB making it a tangible strategy. Volunteers are always needed at a variety of non-profits including: The Mauthe Center here on campus; The Bay Area Humane Society; Boys and Girls Club; Salvation Army.  A list is available at the Volunteer Center of Brown County.
Volunteering can help college students and graduates obtain some of the important qualities employers want in an employee. Not only does volunteering look good on your resume, it allows you to network with other great people, gain much needed experience and help your community, too.  It’s a Win/Win/WIN!

The BlueMoonz include:  Rosie O’Shea, Alex Brandt, Amanda Leick and Erika Hesselink, Jacob Dekeyser and Danielle LaPorte.


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