Artificial Children

Artificial Intelligence is here; more is on the way.

Most of us have known about the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology over the recent years, but the newest development in the tech shows that AI is now developing its own… children?

Yes, children.

AI technology has essentially been creating programs on its own; programs that can learn and evaluate in order for them to create ongoing programs – each one resolving issues that were present in previous programs. Simply put:  AI programs are creating other AI programs, and when there is a problem, more programs are created to solve that problem. It’s a rapidly expanding AI family… Robots, it seems, are just like Rabbits.

You know those confirmation boxes that say, “I am not a robot?” YOU have to select it in order to proceed on some websites. And you know how those have been changing to where you have to select specific sections of a picture that contain certain things (a person, street signs, cars, etc.)? Evidently, the robots have been surpassing those roadblocks, too. According to Robin Andrews from IFLScience, ”Child AI, dubbed NASNet, can now – to an 82.7 percent accuracy – pick out those individual car and sign elements.”

What might seem like a simple task to a human can sometimes be more difficult for a robot – a machine designed for specific tasks. However, the goal of Artificial Intelligence is to allow the “robot” to think on its own – and that’s exactly where they’re headed.

In December, Ryan MacGregor graduated from UWGB in Communication with emphases in Mass Media and Journalism. MacGregor is working toward a career in broadcasting; hoping to end up in front of the camera someday.


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  1. thecommvoice says:

    Now that you mention it, my Drone looks pregnant….and the Roomba did it

  2. Rosie says:

    I always think about movies like iRobot when reading about AI’s and how advanced they’re getting

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