Your Invisible Box Challenge

Word on the street:  People are stepping on invisible boxes. It sounds impossible, and unimaginable, but the new challenge has gone viral and is being talked about on popular news shows like Good Morning America.

The challenge consists of making your foot look like you’re stepping on a box even though there is no box there. The most difficult part about it is trying to make your foot step without making the other foot step through the invisible box. Watch this clip from Good Morning America.

I went around and asked a couple UWGB students to see if they could do it. Jack Kiefer said he knew about it, but when he tried to complete the challenge himself, he would skip his foot farther than it needed to be. It put a frustrated look on his face because he couldn’t get it.

Darya Eggers had seen the challenge on Good Morning America, but when put to the test, she failed. Darya became frustrated and gave up.

How about YOU?  The question is:  Can you do The Invisible Box Challenge? If so, post a video on YouTube with the hashtag #InvisibleBoxChallengeUWGB; leave a link in the comments to prove the challenge isn’t that difficult. Here is a link of a few others trying.  GOOD LUCK.

Erika Hesselink has been bounding over boxes – both real and imaginary – throughout her college career. A COMM Major with an emphases in Mass Media, Erika will step on the path to graduate this Spring.


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  1. thecommvoice says:

    DON’T give up, @DaryaEggers!

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