10 Reasons; Need More?

Summer was fun, but now it’s back to work soaking up knowledge and taking advantage of all your opportunities on campus. Being involved will help make the most of your college experience; joining an ORG is a must.

The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is a great ORG not only for COMM Students, but other majors too:  Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, for example.

PRSSA offers many great opportunities, and if you love to travel, the National Conference is in San Diego this year! PRSSA conferences are a great way to meet new people, make new friends, and open potential job opportunities across the country – all while having tons of fun in the sun!

1. Networking
2. Travel
3. People with similar interests
4. Meet PR professionals
5. Develop leadership skills
6. Explore different jobs in PR and Communications
7. Opportunities from people who want to help you succeed
8. Opportunities for internships
9. Fun, insightful events with a fun, energetic group
10. Get to know the COMM professors – on a different level

JOIN US:  eMail Melissa Hamilton, Vice President of Publications:  soprssa@uwgb.edu


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