Professional Resources: What to Do When You Do Not Know What to Do

By Angela White, Kelly Schmitz, Will Kamps, & Emily Krause


Located near the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay (UWGB) Union, Career Services is a one-stop shop for all things professional.

UWGB Career Services has a variety of professional resources for all students to utilize. Their mission is to “assist you with choosing a major and career, developing professional skills, and connecting with post-graduate opportunities – whether those plans involve graduate school or entering the workforce.” Kelly Schmitz, a senior at UWGB, stated, “Genuinely when I transferred after finishing my general education credits, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I liked too many different subjects to choose just one, so I turned to Career Services. They had me take a lengthy quiz to help me better understand my strengths, weaknesses, and what I enjoy most. This led to me currently being a senior in the Communication program, and I love it, so I definitely recommend stopping if you’re conflicted on majors or what your next best step in your academic career is.”

Career Services also offers a wide range of free services where students can learn more about what they may choose to study in college and/or grad school, prepare for interviews, and connect with employers for internships and post-graduation careers. They can also find free professional clothing for interviews and receive help with crafting professional documents like resumes.

The Career Services Office located in Student Services next to the Union. Photo courtesy of Angela White.

Career Services is there to help students find jobs and internships and offers many resources to do so. One service they utilize and offer free access to is called Handshake. This is a website where students can explore internships and jobs throughout the United States and internationally. It allows you to connect with employers, submit applications, and sign up for virtual networking events. Jefferey Anderson, a senior at UWGB, said, “The main service I use is Handshake, their job-searching tool.” Anderson added, “This has given me a lot of help in understanding what the job market looks like, what employers are looking for, and of course searching for potential jobs myself. During this past year, I’ve been determined to get an internship before I graduate…and I found the internship I currently have through Handshake.”

The Career Closet located in Career Services, where students can access free professional attire. Photo courtesy of Angela White.

Career Services also hosts job and internship fairs each semester where students can meet with potential employers and gain additional knowledge in their potential field. According to the Career Services website, 50% of hiring managers will decide whether to move forward with a candidate’s application based upon their LinkedIn profile. They also can assist students in developing a strong LinkedIn profile and presence.

Another great resource Career Services offers is helping students prepare and perfect professional documents such as their resumes and cover letters. They provide examples of these professional documents on their website to help guide students when creating their own. Also, Career Services holds mock interviews to help students become more comfortable and confident in the interviewing process. They offer constructive criticism to students to help them develop their interviewing etiquette and skills. Held once a semester is a Mock Interview Day, where area employers are brought in to work with students. This semester’s mock interview days are on November 17th and 18th, and registration is currently open on their website.

Wherever you are in your academic or professional career, Career Services is an excellent place to utilize and take advantage of their listed services. “I have utilized Career Services to help in searching for a job during and after my time in college. While I haven’t done a whole lot with them in-person since COVID-19, I have used them more recently to prepare for life after school,” says Anderson. They provide wonderful professional services for all students to utilize and further themselves in their careers, allowing students to take a more confident step toward their future and career goals.

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