31 Days of Celebration, but more like just 15 or so…

March is home of much more than just The First Day of Spring. March is NWHM (National Women’s History Month). NWHM is when people honor the contributions that women make in society.

National Women’s History Alliance created NWHM in 1987. As an organization, the Alliance is “committed to the goals of education, empowerment, equality, and inclusion.” Throughout March, the National Women’s History Alliance and other organizations host events to meet these goals.

In celebration of NWHM, Good Times Programing and other UWGB organizations are/were hosting several celebratory events of their own.


Jenny Zigrino @UWGB

The 20th annual Ladies Night Out was the first event to occur on campus, and featured comedian Jenny Zigrino. Zigrino has been on @Midnight, Conan, and Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents. At UWGB, her segments on famous historical women and body positivity created the perfect kick-off for NWHM on campus. In addition to Ladies Night Out, the UWGB Manitowoc Campus University Theatre hosted a Women in STEM Panel Discussion on March 10.

Upcoming UWGB NWHM events were supposed to include: Women’s Circle at the Mauthe Center on March 23, which allows women a safe space to speak their feelings and seek support from other women. In addition, Claudia Guzmán, will also present at the Mauthe Center on March 26 about Women’s Empowerment.

Written by FOPP:  Jada Davis, Lindsay Fanning, & Autumn Rockhill

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