5 Steps to Graduation

Graduation can be a stressful time, be ahead of the curve and know what you can do to prepare yourself!

1. Attend the Graduation Fair
One of the most essential steps to graduation is the Graduation Resource Fair. It is there that you get all of your graduation necessities: your cap, gown, and tickets for commencement. The event is also a great place to learn about the resources available for recent grads. Learn how to stay connected with UWGB after graduation, talk to vendors about establishing credit, the availability of auto loans, and student loan consolidation. If you have money to spend and want something to help you commemorate the college experience, students are able to order announcements, diploma frames, class rings, and other mementos. It’s your one stop shop for graduation!

2. Thank your professors and people who have helped you along the way
It’s time to give thanks to the people who have helped you get to graduation day. Whether it’s a professor, advisor, mentor, or just some of your close friends who have been there for you, they deserve a little love and appreciation for helping you become who you are today.

3. Don’t catch Senioritis
Senioritis is known to anyone at the end of their college career as a dangerous condition that rapidly spreads from one student to another, causing them to lose motivation for anything school related. Whether it’s projects, papers, or exams-don’t fall behind! Keep organized and motivated with time for fun both and school. And don’t forget the biggest motivator, you need to pass those classes in order to graduate.

4. Decorate your grad cap
When there are only a few weeks left in the semester and commencement day is within sight, a popular trend amongst seniors is to decorate their graduation caps before they cross the stage. Some students use clever sayings and funny memes while others have inspirational quotes embellishing the top of their caps. While decorating your graduation cap is not a requirement, it can become a fun project that helps you take your mind off of finals and post-graduation job hunting. So grab your cap, some supplies and get creative!

5. Throw shoes in Shoe Tree
A beloved tradition for our graduates is the “earned right” to throw your chosen pair of shoes into the Shoe Tree. Students choose shoes for a variety of reasons. Some shoes have sentimental value. Some shoes have seen the world. Some shoes have holes worn through their soles. However, some “shoes” in the Shoe Tree aren’t even shoes at all. Various, creative items that have called the branches of the Shoe Tree home are surgical boots, cleats, flip flops, and even a bicycle! Don’t be afraid to get creative because according to legend, the higher your shoes land, the more successful you’ll be! And don’t forget, you’re leaving a piece of your “sole” on campus!

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