8 Creative Ways to Make Some Easy Money

Sometimes, a bi-weekly paycheck isn’t enough. Here are eight easy ways that almost anyone can do to make some extra cash outside of a regular job.

The more $ listed, the more money you can make!

1. Sell clothing: $ Clean out your closet and get paid for your gently-used clothing. Poshmark is popular and user-friendly! The amount of money you’ll make with this approach depends on how much you have to get rid of and the price you ticket your items for.

2. Sell stuff on Fiverr: $ Set your own price, both serious and weird tasks are welcome! You can work with graphics and design, writing and editing, and digital marketing. Or, you can paint someone a weird portrait, give a psychic reading, or even dress up as a celebrity and make videos; just make sure whatever you do is legal and complies with their terms. The charging price range can be from $5 to even $10,000 per task.

3. Sell stuff on Etsy: $ It’s a great platform for selling various things like art, music, crafts, jewelry, clothing – and more! Prices range depending on the product and its quality, so income can vary from a few dollars to over a hundred for just one item.

4. Download a “cash back” app: $ Although it’s not a lot of money right away, the savings will add up over time. There are several different apps you can download for your convenience. A popular cash back app known as Dosh rewards you with $5 just for signing up and linking your own card. The app shows you all the different places you can receive cash back, as well as the percentages of cash back you will receive – typically 2%-5% of your purchase. You can also make a good amount of money with referrals. Referrals typically earn you $5 when someone links their card up by using your referral code. Once in a while, Dosh will offer $10 per referral.

5. Sign up to be a note-taker for classes: $$. Note-takers get $20 per credit. Taking notes for a three-credit class? That’s $60 a semester! Sign up through disability services.

6. Become an Uber or Lyft driver: $$ While these “jobs” require some paperwork and have certain requirements, it’s an easy way to make extra money and see more of where you live! There are a lot of different factors that go into getting paid for being a driver, so check out the terms for each company.

7. Online tutoring: $$$ If you like to make your own hours and help people learn, this is a great job! Tutors on tutor.com can schedule their own hours – up to approximately 30 hours a week. You can have a consistent, weekly schedule or just log in when you are available. Starting pay is $7.25 an hour, but there are opportunities to increase that amount, such as promotions and bonuses. Tutor.com is available 24/7!

8. Donate plasma: $$$ Check out this link to find out about donating and where to go to donate! The money you make from donating plasma varies, but let’s give you a scenario: If you donate plasma once a week, and make about $20 per donation, you can make $80 a month!

Written by The Go Getters: Jenelle Mackie, Emily Gerlikovski, Ashley Stafne, and Ekaterina Lindeman

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