“a BIG WIN for UWGB, too”


474 / 475 Media Workshop:  WIN WIN WIN!

Shortly before its debut, Dennis DeBeck and Britany Petrack-Retzlaff initated a research project designed to grade – and continuously improve The COMM Voice. Dennis and Britany analyzed current trends and best practices in Corporate, Private, Non-Profit, Government and Academic blogs, and measured The COMM Voice against the best in the business.  A summary of their findings follow:

Utilizing common blog trends is important to keep any blog focused and up-to-date with the other blogs on the internet. The COMM Voice currently employs some of these trends and best practices.

The COMM Voice already publishes many different kinds of posts from many different writers and teams; it’s received multiple Likes, Comments and Views.* The Voice also offers readers more such as email updates when new stories are published, a slide show of campus pictures, self-promotion videos and links to social media pages.

Trend Setter
One trend in academic blogging is utilizing student voices. This is something The COMM Voice does very well.  It also posts regularly – another positive trend found in the research. These two trends alone demonstrate the tremendous potential of The ‘Voice.

Research also reveals multiple post-type trends. The COMM Voice publishes posts with standard words and images – plus occasional videos – but the posts seem to be lacking diversity. To improve, it would be best to add more photos, podcasts, videos, Q&A sessions and infographics to make the blog even more unique and engaging.

Overall, The COMM Voice is succeeding in multiple areas that set it apart from many academic blogs. Even as a brand new blog, it’s already on top of many of the trends discovered in the research. Content is King, and if The COMM Voice continues to post consistently and write engaging content, there is strong certainty it will be a highly successful academic blog.

It’s a Win Win Win,” Professor Clampitt told Media Workshop students last week.  “A Win for Comm Students; a Win for The Program; a Win for The University.

The COMM Voice set new records in March – crushing February’s previous records with 1,700 Views; 470 Visitors; 25 Likes; 52 Comments = ALL new records.  Its biggest day:  March 27 with 92 visitors and 266 views = BOTH one-day records.

The COMM Voice primarily attracts US visitors, but 9 viewers from India; 5 Canadians; 4 Irish; 2 Germans; 2 Chinese – plus one each from Turkey, Honduras, Sweden and Australia.

Britany Petrack-Retzlaff plans to graduate in Spring of 2019 with a degree in Integrated Leadership Studies, an emphasis in Communication and a minor in Spanish.
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