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Classroon with a View on Table Mountain

Imagine discussing the themes of your favorite Shakespeare play, but this time it’s NOT in a classroom. It’s in the famed Globe Theatre in Central London where Macbeth and many other Shakespeare plays were originally performed.

Studying molecular biology sounds much more intriguing when you’re standing on the shores of the Tamaki Strait in New Zealand, instead of a classroom you’ve seen a hundred times before. Studying abroad will take you there.

Not into either of these? UWGB’s Office of International Education has a wide variety of programs to fit the needs of many students and many majors. There are more than 40 destinations to choose from and three main program types. Program types are semester/year-long programs, short-term programs (typically about three weeks long), and a national-exchange program.

The national exchange program is a great opportunity for students to explore courses not offered at UWGB, but may be available at other universities – all for UWGB tuition. This option is also great for students who want to travel, but just can’t commit to going overseas.

Popular semester programs include two destinations in Spain: Bilbao and León. Both are popular among Spanish majors and minors, but Universidad de Deusto in Bilbao also offers a great business track.

UWGB’s study abroad program dates back to the 1970s, and has grown exponentially ever since. Its ongoing program to Merida, Mexico is the oldest study abroad destination-dating back 25 years. UWGB offers many internal and external scholarships for both domestic and international study programs. Ten-to-fifteen programs are offered each term, with more being added every year.

Once in a Lifetime?
Brittany Penoske, a class of 2018 alumna, took a once- in-a-lifetime trip to South Africa on a short-term program with Dr. Cupit and a small group of other students. Her study abroad experience opened her eyes to a completely new world. South Africa showed her a type of resilience she had not seen before and it came from the people she met.

Part of her trip was spent at an orphanage playing with the children. They experienced children laughing and playing who came from terrifying backgrounds. They also saw extensive poverty. Brittany said, “there were so many people living on the streets or in homes with no roof or running water, but at the same time they stay so positive and that is what gets them through each day.”


Brittany on safari at Addo Elephant Park.

The group also got to go on an African Safari through Addo Elephant Park and ended up in the Schotia Game Reserve. They were up close and personal with many animals native to Africa like Rhinos, Giraffes, Lions and Zebras to name a few. Coordinators of the safari hosted a Braii (barbeque) for the group which included authentic South African Cuisine. It was an experience like none other.

Paying for the trip was the biggest challenge Brittany had to overcome. She decided to tackle the problem head on instead of letting it hold her back. “I knew this was going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity, but I did not know how I was going to pay for it! I ended up making a Go Fund Me page and took out a loan!”

Many students say the cost of these programs keeps them from looking into studying abroad, but believe it or not, the financial hurdle is most likely easier to jump through than most people think. Financial Aid is available and many programs are exchange programs, where the student pays the same tuition there as they would at UWGB. There are also many scholarships and grants to cover additional costs.

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