A Kwik COVID Trip

Shelby2Retail chains across the country have changed due to COVID:  It’s led to a unique working environment for many retail workers; many of whom are students.

Kwik Trip, one of the largest gas station chains in the Midwest, has responded to the pandemic by changing store hours, no longer offering self-serve options, and constantly cleaning stores. This change in procedure and services has affected Kwik Trip employees as well.

Katelyn Genrich is a Manager at one of the large Kwik Trips in the greater Madison, WI area. Katelyn has worked for the company for a little more than a year and has never experienced anything like this. “Employees are doing fine, and most customers are upset that they can no longer get coffee or ice,” she said.

Taking Care of Their People
Kwik Trip also decided to bump up employee pay by $2 an hour for all part time and full-time employees; people making salary with the company are receiving an additional $100 a week. “There are still plenty of employees coming in everyday, but business has slowed down,” she said, “but Kwik Trip isn’t taking away any employees hours.” The company also decided to offer Leave of Absence to whoever needs it and employees are able to take up to two weeks of vacation time if any employees are struggling.

Although this is a confusing and scary time, Katelyn is staying positive and thankful for what she had, “The only positive is that I still have a job and Kwik Trip is working hard to ensure that people are still making a livable wage and keeping their employees safe and comfortable.”

By Shelby Smith


Katelyn Genrich takes a selfie in her Kwik Trip uniform before her shift starts.


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