A Storm is Brewing…

It’s September 5th, the first day of school at UW-Green Bay and you are ready. You have your highlighters, your notebook, and your computer is completely charged. The only thing you’re missing is your morning coffee.

You arrive at the Union before class and make your way to the Common Grounds Coffeehouse. You confidently stride up to the counter and order a Milky Way Latte but the barista says, “I’m sorry, we no longer sell that drink.” You look around and notice the new menu and the Starbucks logo.







Everything has changed.

The change caught many students unaware, with the exception of those who saw the initial Facebook post announcing the switch on August 23.

Fans of Starbucks rejoiced at no longer having to drive 15 minutes to get their favorite drink; having a Starbucks on campus provides students and faculty with a special alternative to basic coffee. Many were also excited at not having Door County Coffee served any longer. (Coffee drinkers with a sensitive palate said Door County Coffee was too acidic to fully enjoy.) Others were disappointed with the reduced menu and people missed the monthly, special, customized drinks.

Not only has the coffee changed, but the atmosphere changed along with it. Long, noisy lines have formed making it difficult for people looking for a quiet place to study.

Many people wonder what caused the change and why so few people knew about it. Check back on The COMM Voice for Part Two of The Brewing Storm.

News Busters consists of: Ntxhee Yee Thao, Carley DeGrand, Azure Hall and Emily Kelly


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  1. thecommvoice says:

    Wake up and smell the coffee, people!

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