A Tangled Web He Weaves…

Serious Fun, a podcast by COMM Professor Bryan Carr, has returned for an all-new season of fun – serious stuff.

In this episode, Carr is back on the airwaves talking about one of Marvel Comics’ most-beloved superheroes: Spider-Man.  Carr is joined by J. Richard Stevens, a Media Studies Professor from the University of Colorado-Boulder.  Together, they unravel the web of what has made Spider-Man such an endearing and successful Marvel character for nearly 60 years.

Find A Tangled Web here: https://soundcloud.com/serious_fun/episode-18-a-tangled-web-wj-richard-stevens

2 Comments to “A Tangled Web He Weaves…”

  1. thecommvoice says:

    Get Serious!

  2. ntxheeyee says:

    Fun episode and terrific podcast! I enjoy listening to Serious Fun for fun content while analyzing pop culture at another deeper level. Great job as always!

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