A Whole New World

When you get involved in an organization, it’s not only a resume builder, it holds opportunities to grow. At the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), one way you can experience a whole new world of communication is through its many professional conferences.

PRSSA is a student-run organization dedicated to professional development of students. Its mission is to enhance current educational experiences for future professional endeavors through practice and networking. PRSSA conferences are outstanding development opportunities and only available to PRSSA members.

Top 5 Reasons to join PRSSA and take advantage of these great member conferences:

  1. Networking

Professional conferences offer the chance to meet up with a variety of students from across the globe and make connections with driven, goal-oriented students.

  1. Skill Development

Conferences help develop and/or enhance the skills you need for the professional world. These are great opportunities to grow into a professional role as well as expand your tool box of knowledge.

  1. Culture

Most conferences happen out of state. You will encounter different people, different lifestyles and learn about diverse communities.

  1. Business Tours

You get to network and make your presence known as you gain practical knowledge in the business world.

  1. Workshops

Top professionals help educate you on a variety of real world experiences, business challenges and Public Relations opportunities.

Take advantage; join PRSSA.  Contact UWGB’s PRSSA now: soprssa@uwgb.edu.

The COMM Crew is made up of Senior ladies: Abby Phillips, Nicole DeBoer, Brooke Iserloth and Grace Callen.

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