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PRSSA Sports COMM Event

Being a “Community Partner” is something many sports organizations put into their Mission Statement, but how many teams actually live up to that mission? One local team is living up to that mission – and has already scored – by providing internships that aren’t just “pointless projects.”

The Green Bay Blizzard joined University of Wisconsin Green Bay’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) for their Sports Communication Event. Ryan Hopson, Director of Sales for the Green Bay Blizzard, was Keynote Speaker, and offered some inspirational words.

The UWGB Public Relations Student Society of America’s Chapter with keynote speaker Ryan Hopson of The Green Bay Blizzard Football Team.

During a recent podcast by NEW PR, Ryan didn’t hold back. “I didn’t go into this event thinking I’d come out with interns,” he said, “but now I have a couple of them from that one event; worked better than a job fair.”

The Sports COMM Event Ryan mentioned was a networking opportunity that turned into an internship for some of the UWGB students in attendance.

COMM Major Travis Boulanger was struck by one of Ryan’s comments at the event. “Interns don’t work on pointless projects.” Travis was intrigued and decided to apply for a Blizzard Internship. He was notified shortly after the Sports COMM event that he earned one with The Blizzard.

Travis works on a variety of materials for the team including radio scripts and press releases. He’s also enjoyed the community focus of the team. “One of my favorite memories so far has been the public mascot appearances.” Travis also had an opportunity to work on promotional material leading up to the start of the season.

Travis isn’t the only intern who turned the Sports COMM Event into a networking opportunity and an internship.

Blizzard Intern and UWGB COMM Major Jada Patterson is working for the team on game-day promotions. She’s excited to begin, “gaining experience and making connections with staff, interns, and other Green Bay Blizzard staff.” She did, however, address everyone’s biggest concern right now: When will the season actually begin?

Due to COVID19, the indoor football season has been delayed, but not cancelled. Time will tell how the Green Bay Blizzard overcomes the whole pandemic thing, but for now, they are sitting tight and hoping for the best.

Interns are already in place for this season, but if you are interested for the future, keep The Blizzard in mind. Send a cover letter and resume to apply to: All internships are unpaid, but offer college credit.

Written By: Matthew Knoke, Megan Roshak and Shelby Smith

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