And the final curtain closes…


Budding On Air Talent

As a young boy, I’ve always been the person who wants to entertain people; make them enjoy my company. Mixing this personality with an intense passion for sports – has put me in the position I am today: Jacob LenzendorfSoon-to-be graduate looking to enhance a team or company by telling stories of sporting events for the amusement of the audience.

Back in the Day, while attending a Brewer game with my brother and dad, I saw Brian Anderson, the Voice of the Brewers walking around the infield chatting with the players. He was having a ball! I knew right then I wanted that for me!

Junior year of high school, I researched the best universities in the state for Communication, and stumbled upon UW-Green Bay. After just one visit, I knew it was the place for me. Four hours away from my home in Prairie du Chien, WI, with no one else I knew attending – this was a new challenge but it would all work out in the end.

UWGB: The Right Decision
Lucky enough to know the degree I wanted, I started taking Communication classes immediately – which only reinforced the desire to become a sports broadcaster. Last year, when Sports COMM was added as an emphasis option, I knew I made the right decision.

It was freshman year that I was introduced to my favorite professor: Bryan Carr. The class was Introduction to Communication. It was obvious early on that Professor Carr really cared for his students and wanted to do his best in helping them succeed. It also helped that we shared interests in sports and mass media.

Professor Carr was also my program advisor, and I took advantage of plenty of meetings with him. He always had the advice and knowledge I sought whether it be in the courses, help with internships, or anything else to help me prosper. He was also professor of my favorite course – Sports, Media and Society.

Another aspect that really helped me grow and develop at UWGB was The Athletic Department. Regretting not getting acquainted with Athletics sooner, I really value the relationships built with some of the people in that office. Specifically, THANK YOU Cameo Jastrow and Stephen Wagner for giving me an opportunity to work on air, in a play-by-play position! I learned so much calling GB Volleyball and Soccer games this year; it’s driven me even more.

COVID 19 wasn’t the final score I envisioned when signing off from my schooling at UWGB, but I’m thankful – and hopeful – I’ll make my alma mater proud in the future.
Go Phoenix. Go Brewers. Go Crazy!

Written by Jacob Lenzendorf

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