The Apostrophe: Its Dead, Right?

The Apostrophe Society shut down its operations last week: “Ignorance and laziness have won.”  Great Story = Click HERE!

Its too early to tell, but the Head of the Dead Society said he might take up comma abuses next. “The use of the comma is appalling. When I read some newspaper websites, they just don’t understand what it is used for.”

NOTE to Society’s Founder – and Grammar Nazi – John Richards: A friend wanted to marry his English teacher when she got out of jail, but you never end a sentence with a proposition… a preposition, either, John!!!  (Well, NOT never, but sentences without prepositions at the end generally flow better = AND ARE SHORTER! Come on, Man… CLICK HERE!)

? Did you spot a typo or grammatical error in this story? Report it NOW to The Grammar Police so we can fix it before a potential employer – or one of our parents – sees it and busts us!

Report it: HERE! Thank you.

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  1. thecommvoice says:

    Its a sad day!

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