April Stress Brings May Pets

Do you hate saying goodbye to your dog in the morning? Do those puppy eyes make you contemplate carrying them to class in your backpack? It’s time to put a stop to goodbyes and bring your pet to class:  Dogs, cats, hamsters, goldfish – even your stupid pet rock is welcome. How about a day when students bring pets to class?

The COMM Crew proposes: Bring Your Pet to Class Day:  A one-day event the week before finals. It would be a supplement to the library bringing in dogs, only it would be your pet. This could help students de-stress when the pressure is on for finals.

Many students around campus are supportive of the proposal. Sara Darr says, “Always. Bring on the dogs.” Briauna Utrie believes dogs are the root of happiness and would help her cope with the stress of finals.

The comfort of having your pet next to you can ease the stress of finals. What do you say UWGB? It’s time to end sad goodbyes:  Bring on the puppy eyes and incorporate a Bring Your Pet to Class Day!

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The COMM Crew is made up of Senior ladies: Abby Phillips, Nicole DeBoer, Brooke Iserloth and Grace Callen.

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