Art Garage GRAND Reopening

ArtGarageNatural light, open spaces, and a bright aura; all things immediately noticeable in The Art Garage. Green Bay’s tony art gallery on Main Street prides itself on providing the space to foster the creativity of local artists – both new and experienced artists which, coincidentally, also happens to be the focus of their next art show.

920 Local is the comeback show for the revamped Art Garage. This event is focused on showcasing art relevant to the 920 area code, embodying the entire community of Northeast Wisconsin. This event gives local artists, writers, photographers, sculptures, and other creators the opportunity to submit their best work.

Submissions are open until March 21st at a discounted rate of $20 for students. If you are a local artist looking for a way to get your work out, then visit The Art Garage website for more information on how to submit your pieces.

Game of Drones includes: Ariana Dohr, Carley DeGrand, Azure Hall and Kayla Hallam.


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