Arts in Demand!

People across the world are letting their creative juices flow. Whether it be hosting DJ sets on a balcony in Italy, hosting live dance classes or online concerts, people are finding COVID relief in the arts.

You’ve probably seen the videos of DJs on their balconies playing music for neighbors to party to? Or, perhaps you’ve tuned in to one of DJ DNICE’s (@dnice) Instagram Live sets on weekend nights? DNICE’s live sets always draw a crowd with a host of A-list celebs always in attendance.

Flyer for Debbie Allen’s live class on Instagram.

Dancers are also taking advantage of the virtual wave by hosting live classes, posting more videos, doing private zoom sessions – and more (i.e. making Tik Tok challenges, hosting Q&A sessions and starting new tutorial platforms). World renowned choreographer, dancer and actress Debbie Allen (@therealdebbieallen) has united dancers across the world during this pandemic. Her Wednesday and Saturday afternoon Instagram live classes (#dancewithdebbieallen) see thousands of dancers in attendance per week.

The crowd Debbie draws consists of people from all over the world. The fact that people from all sorts of different places are tuning in, even if it’s late on their time zone, illustrates how worldwide the arts are, and how music and dance are embedded in all cultures.

COMM Major Jada Davis flyer for weekly live dance class

Dawn of Man
It is evident that since the dawn of time, music and dance have been embedded in cultures around the globe. Just go through periods throughout history—Medieval Times, The Renaissance, the Baroque Period, etc., — and you will see how notorious music, art and dance are for uniting people from all backgrounds, of all ages, from every culture. It’s no surprise that during present hard times these are the things that keep our communities connected.

If you are a lover of the arts and would like to join in on the fun, start by following these two influencers on social media. In addition, don’t forget to support your local artists who are using this time to bring people in their communities together (virtually) as well.

Written by Jada Davis

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