Avengers: Excitement

Fan favorite Superheroes are back for the final installment in a string of 22 films from The Marvel Franchise. Avengers: Endgame hits theaters today and fans of the franchise share their excitement for its long, anticipated release.

“I’m excited for a big showdown, but I’m least excited for any character deaths, especially Iron Man.” Emily Gerlikovski expressed her excitement for how the story will go, both the writing and execution. She also has a game plan for prepping for the three-hour movie. “I’m not bringing in any beverages,” She jokingly said. “I don’t have time for no bathroom breaks.”

One of the concerns for many people is the length of the movie. Peter Baumgartner said his greatest fear would be falling asleep in the comfy Dream Lounge Chairs. Peter plans to rectify this by slamming lots of coffee before going to see the show.

Krissy Olson said she was ready to see Stan Lee’s Cameo. Many fans are excited to see the Marvel Universe Mastermind on camera for what the Russo Brothers say is his final cameo. A very fitting swan song to “The Man” who gave us some of the most recognized Superheroes of all time.

The movie is calling to countless people of all ages. The excitement to see heroes in action and set the world right again is palpable.

Game of Drones includes: Ariana Dohr, Carley DeGrand, Azure Hall and Kayla Hallam.

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