Badger State Brewery Indoor Market

By Angela White, Kelly Schmitz, Will Kamps & Emily Krause


With winter making its mark on Green Bay and throughout Wisconsin, a cozy place to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and some shopping has begun. At Badger State Brewing, the fall and winter indoor market has started revving up, featuring many different vendors from fresh produce and meat to jewelry and dog treats. From 4 P.M. to 8 P.M., attendees can expect to find different options for food and drinks in a fun, family atmosphere.

Patty and Sarah from To Your Health Juicery featured an array of fresh, cold-pressed juices to sample and enjoy. They also featured sheets for each juice, listing the benefits of each of the listed ingredients. As a start-up Juicery, the market serves perfectly to help get the business off the ground and hear honest feedback from the public from their samples. Patty stated that her favorite part of the market was, “To share what we make with everyone.” Patty stated that they currently rent out a church kitchen to press their juice, hoping to move forward into a full store someday.

An overview shot of the market entrance.

Another booth, Pixie Kitten, featured an array of creative, animal-friendly, handmade soaps. From flights of favorite alcoholic beverages to unique holiday ducks, anything visitors can think of had a soap counterpart on display. Michael, Head of Sales for Pixie Kitten, stated, “We get inspiration from many things and really enjoy making drink-themed soaps.” Many kinds of earrings were also on for sale at this booth, including Animal Crossing-themed sets. Alongside earrings, the booth lived up to its name by featuring an array of cat-themed items, including sparkling collars for cats and kittens.

A total of about 16 stands were set up, with many vendors stating they attend every Wednesday throughout the fall and winter, so long as the weather permits. Additional vendors may join as the market goes on, including an occasional stop from Caribbean Taste, a local food truck featuring Caribbean-style food.

Patty and Sarah at their booth for To Your Health Juicery.

What started as a homebrew project quickly turned into a destination brewery, taproom, beer garden, and event hall. With the saying, “brew beer that brings people together,” Badger State Brewing does just that and more. Many events are held in the event hall, from live music to the current featured indoor fall market. Individuals can also enjoy sampling events in the taproom with a chance to purchase their favorite beverage full-size.


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