‘Ballin, or The Banquet this week?


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2 BIG, Homecoming basketball games will conflict with the climax of COMM Week this week. Not only are both the men and the women B-Balling on Thursday, the gala COMM Week banquet occurs at the same time as the men’s game!

“[The conflict] is definitely a factor we had to consider when planning events,” said Meg Lehman, Director of COMM Week. “We saw the conflict as both a positive and a negative: The negative impact of a potential lack of attendance, but it also allowed the COMM Week planning team to be even more creative as to how to garner more participation.”

Communication students involved with athletics have found this overlap to be difficult as they cannot get out of their athletics work to attend the banquet. COMM Major Ray Jargstorf, a Student Operations Manager for the Women’s Basketball Team and member of the COMM Week Planning Team is disappointed that some people will not be able to attend the banquet due to the conflict.

Difficult Choice for The COMM Kids
With UWGB’s Sports Communication emphasis, more students are looking for positions in the Athletics Department. The overlap, according to Ray, makes it “hard for communication students involved in in-game operations.” This is the difficult choice COMM Majors face when choosing between a job that supports their emphasis or an event that supports their major.

Moving forward, COMM students, including Ray, believe that all parties should come together to discuss their events in order to maximize attendance and engagement. To find out more about each of these events, visit here or visit here.

Written by FOPP: First and Only Proactive Producers Jada Davis, Lindsay Fanning and Autumn Rockhill

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    COMM rules!

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      Tough call

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