BE AWARE: Life Just Got Easier


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You’ll love this:  Health 101 online magazine offers easy-to-read articles, videos and photos designed for you. If you want to study better, sleep better, learn to deal with failure better, Health 101 is for you. You can learn how to face off against the flu, mental illness, relationship issues – or even sexual assault.

In addition to being a great website, Health 101 also has a Twitter account  @SH101atUWGB that tweets healthy tips and ideas directly to you. Health Communication Professor Katie Turkiewicz follows Health 101 on Twitter and said, “It’s very important for UWGB to sponsor this idea; it’s most helpful.”

Positive Tips for Your Health
UWGB Health and Counseling Director Amy Henniges offered some insight on the genesis of Health 101. “We’ve always wanted to promote positive health tips to students,” she said. “The five-year-old project has been sending health tips to every incoming freshman at UWGB, and we get six pages of content to create our own content for the national website.”

UWGB’s pages consist of events, tips, videos – anything positive, healthy and helpful for ‘GB students. The UWGB’s Health and Counseling Center hosted a DUI simulated car in the Union last week.

The Health and Counseling Center wants to promote positive health for all students, but it needs to get the word out. Amy came up with the brilliant promotional idea of getting a projector in the Union – and projecting helpful tips for students, faculty and staff that would constantly show stories and offer reminders of where to go for help.

Health 101 online magazine is free, and available to everyone.

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