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Networking can be scary because often times it means randomly talking to – and trying to connect – with people you don’t know :O

Luckily for some UWGB students, an event during Comm Week helped students learn. At Networking Like a Pro, Linda Peacock-Landrum, Director of Career Services shared some great ideas on how to network:

  1. Networking is something not all people enjoy, but is extremely useful in your professional life. Even if you make just one connection at an event, that’s one more you didn’t have when you walked in the room.
  2. Follow up with your new connections; it’s best to follow up within 48 hours of meeting that person.
  3. Get a Grip; Handshakes are crucial. Not everyone is a fan, but handshakes are important, physical connection used to greet people at business and/or social events.
  4. Create a good, concise Elevator Pitch so you’re confident when introducing yourself to strangers. To build confidence, try recording yourself to hear what you sound like and change things you don’t like.  And, as you progress in your career be sure to keep fine tuning your pitch, always.
  5. Always have one hand open. At most business, professional and/or social events, refreshments are usually available, but be aware that you need to have at least one hand open when you go in for The Handshake.

“I loved it,” COMM Major Danielle Magnusson said. “I learned some new skills and even made some connections for a job after graduation this Spring! Thanks to Career Services, I was able to shake the hand of a future employer – even while managing my plate of snacks.”

Using these skills could be that one thing that lands you a big interview or helps get your foot in the door. A huge thank you goes to Career Services for helping students expand their skills and get them career ready.
Story Seekers include: Ben Berndt, Hannah Koerner, Danielle Magnusson, & Danielle Shea

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