Huge Contract; NO Opener

EYE POPPING money coming out of the Milwaukee Brewers Organization to start off the month of March. With a rather quiet Winter for the front office this off season, it just made the biggest splash in franchise history: The new face of the franchise is here to stay.

Courtesy: Milwaukee Brewers

The 2018 Most Valuable Player Christian Yelich and the Brewers have finalized their mega-contract deal. The contract adds seven years and $190 million dollars to Yeli’s existing two-year contract making the deal worth $215 million dollars; he’s under the club’s control until 2028 according to Major League Baseball sources. Included in his contract is a no opt-out clause, meaning if his production continues, he can’t choose to move on to a different franchise. This would be the largest contract extension in Brewer’s history; the largest since Ryan Braun’s extension for $105 million in 2011.

A Natural Fit
Yelich described his time in Milwaukee as a natural fit; he’s excited to continue his career there. “I’ve only been here for two years but it feels like its been a lot longer, ever since I came here it just felt like a natural fit,” Yelich said at his contract signing.

Wisconsin prides itself on being a great place to live, and Principal Owner Mark Attanasio gave credit to the fans when it came to Yeli’s contract extension. “We’ve thanked a lot of people, but we should thank our fans,” he said. “They really are what makes it such great place to play.” The pride and support of the fans made it easy for Attanasio to deliver the sizable contract to make sure Yelich was here to stay.

With the eye-popping extension, Yelich will play the prime of his career in Milwaukee. By taking “a home town discount” in a league where blockbuster deals are normal, Yeli’s deal is a great look for Major League Baseball. Money has never been the Number One factor for Yelich. He stated he wanted a place where he was proud and comfortable playing baseball, and Milwaukee was that place for him.

In the end, the pay day is well deserved when looking at his success in his first two years as a Brewer. He put the best back-to-back years in club history: Winning MVP in 2018 and finishing runner up in 2019. In addition, Yelich has won a National League Batting Crown – becoming the first Brewer to do so.

Looking forward to the 2020 Season fans, staff, and his teammates all will continue to hope for Yelich to continue his success. Yelich to play Left Field when baseball resumes play – whenever that will be?

Written By: KonMan920
Logan Konitzer

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