Hey, Big $pender

Finances are a major stress college students face – everyday. Here are four tips to guide you through college without breaking the bank.  

  • DIY Dinner

Downing a Culver’s Butter Burger and cheese curds with friends is easy and convenient, but constantly eating out can add up quickly. Stretch your meal budget with cost-effective, at-home meals. Frozen chicken is an inexpensive, versatile ingredient that can be used in a large array of easy-to-cook food such as tacos and burritos 🙂

Chicken can be added as protein to pasta, and is a food that is great as a left over. It’s tasty – even when you make a lot – so save the rest for later. Leftovers anyone? 

  • Limit entertainment spending  

Take advantage of student discounts to maximize your entertainment while staying within your budget. Platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and Hulu offer discounted student rates of just $4.99/month. Unidays offers hundreds of discounts for students from clothing-to-electronics. Marcus Theatre in east Green Bay also offers students discounted tickets every Thursday. Take advantage! 

  • Utilize credit cost maximization  

Although it might be stressful to take a full credit load, 12 credits cost the same as 18!

  • Make payments towards students’ loans right away   

Most students wait to start making payments towards their loans until after graduation. Making payments before the suggested due date can save you thousands of dollars in interest. Even paying just $25 a month can save you thousands over the long run. Michael Ruzek, a Financial Services Specialist at MassMutual says, “By following these small simple financial tips, students can take a lot of financial stress off of their shoulders.” 

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  1. michaelbina says:

    What did the chicken say before it crossed the road?

    1. Anonymous says:

      I’m going to be Chile. Haha.

      1. thecommvoice says:

        Chili today; hot tamale

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