Board the Train to Terror!

Once ranked the Fourth Best Haunted House in America, Terror on the Fox, located on The Fox River in Green Bay, continues its Wisconsin traditions for the season. terroronthefoxTake a ride on the Terror Train to experience the legends. New this season:

La Llorona, 

Rise of the Dead 

But wait, there’s more …
Will you survive if your life was on the line from a poisonous plague? Your team will have five minutes to cure yourselves in another, new, escape game: ‘Fight For Your Life.’ Members of each team vary from 2-8 people; it depends on the crowd that night. 

Feeling adventurous? Go on a quest with your team and see if you can escape in time with the new, ‘Quest for the Golden Skull.’ Find the tomb and test your luck. 

Get ready for a scream-filled night of terror!  GET YOUR TICKETS HERE! Dates and availability HERE!  Students can get discounts at the Office of Student Life in the University Union:  Terror on the Fox:  2285 S Broadway, Green Bay

WRITTEN by MOJO: Jessica Amo, Mailee Her, Oda Bekkestad

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