Lil’ Something to Brighten Your Day

Join two brilliant women to be motivated to live your best life and live your dreams! 

Sonny Hennessy and Season Russo have both started and now lead successful businesses and nonprofits. They believe every woman deserves to live her brightest life. At this event, learn how to take your own passions and create an entity that will impact others while loving every second of your own life!

Season founded Eye Heart World, a sex trafficking organization with a home for survivors, among other great accomplishments. Sonny is the CEO of The Exchange Brand and the owner of the award-winning design firm Sonny Hennessy Design. She also serves as Lead Pastor with her husband Shawn who is Senior Pastor of Life Church Green Bay. Sonny has podcasts, YouTube videos, is an author, along with other things! 

The Richard Mauthe Center is hosting these two women this Thursday, November 21 from 6-to-7:30PM. Bring a friend, see you there! 


On campus w/Ashley Stafne


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    Sounds like a good time

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