CAN’T Play, if you don’t look The Part

THIS JUST IN The Closet:  2, Beautiful Italian Dress Suits arrived today; 100% Wool = 42 Long; a few jazzy ties, too; a Perfect Fit for an important meeting. (NOT a 42-Long? SHARE this with someone who is: Boyfriend, maybe?)

“You only get one chance to make a first impression.” Whether you’re on an date, meeting your significant other’s parents or interviewing for an exciting job, the clothes you wear WILL make an impression

Most college students have limited budgets, so the ability to afford impressionable clothing is usually not an option.  This is where The Career Closet saves the day!

The Career Closet offers FREE, business and professional attire:  Suits, Skirts, Scarves – all at no charge.  The ‘Closet can be the difference between getting that job or…

The Career Closet is located in Career Services, Student Services Building Suite 1600; OPEN 8AM-to- 4PM; Monday-through-Friday.  You’ll need your student I.D;  you can take/use up to five items per semester:  Click this link.

If you are on the other end of the spectrum – with gently used or new professional attire – students appreciate your donation; it goes to a great cause.  (Imagine someday, a prospective employee walking into your office – in your old suit. LOL!)

While you only get one chance to make a good first impression, the Career Closet provides an inexpensive opportunity to make one.  Feeling Good, Louis.”

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3 Comments to “CAN’T Play, if you don’t look The Part”

  1. Jena Richter Landers says:

    The Career Clothes Closet is in Career Service. Not Rose Hall.

    1. thecommvoice says:

      Thanks, Jena. OUR BAD!

  2. thecommvoice says:

    Feeling Good, Louis:

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